Protect your home and valuables with our wide range of security solutions, including burglary prevention, advanced security cameras, fire alarm systems, access control and reliable safes. Your safety, our priority.


Security camera & intercom

Fire Detector

Access Control



Discover a world of electrical possibilities. From electrical technology to sauna installations and charging stations. We provide innovation and reliability in all your electrical needs.



Charging Pole

Radio Amateur

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Alarm System

Choose security: Invest in an alarm system, have it installed by a professional for proper operation and peace of mind, avoid DIY kits.

Close windows and doors

For security: lock windows and doors, keep keys carefully. Buy easy-to-attach locks at the do-it-yourself store if you don't have any.

Sociale controle

Vacation: Notify neighbors of departure and return. Social control: Alert neighbors to suspicious noises. Provide contact information for emergencies and alert as needed.

Time Clock

Improve security: Place electronic timers on lamps in kitchen and living room. Turn on lights at varying times with this handy device for more homey impression.

Valuable items

Secure your valuables: Mark and photograph them for evidence in case of theft. Fill out the police registration card to keep records. Keep it separate from valuables.


Safety of valuables: Keep them in a safe deposit box at the bank or purchased one with proper value storage. Keep valuable items out of sight if there is no safe.

Our suppliers

Our close collaboration with suppliers drives innovation for targeted, customized solutions that make a difference.

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